Invasive | Implantable Loop Recorder

Sometimes patients present with infrequent but severe symptoms that may be caused by an arrhythmia. If initial investigations fail to reveal the cause, it is not possible to identify the best treatment. In these cases it is often desirable to try to record the heart rhythm at the time of any further episode, not knowing when this may occur. One way to achieve this is to implant a small recording device under local anaesthetic beneath the skin on the front of the chest. This is called an implantable loop recorder, and unlike a pacemaker, no wires are needed. This ingenious device which has a battery life of approximately 15 months automatically records and stores very fast and slow heart beats. In addition, by placing a small magnet over the device during or within a few minutes after the event, the device can be triggered to record the episode. By interrogating the device (like checking a pacemaker), the heart rhythm at the time of the episode can be viewed, and a diagnosis made. The device can then be removed and the correct treatment given.

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