Noninvasive | 24 Hour BP Test

This is a simple and quite painless test to monitor your blood pressure over 24 hours. This test is used to make the diagnosis of raised blood pressure and to assess blood pressure control. You will be fitted with a blood pressure cuff, which is attached to a small monitor worn around the waist and your blood pressure will be recorded automatically every hour. The monitor is about the size of a Walkman. The recorder is put on in hospital and there is no need for you to stay in hospital following this. The recording equipment can be worn throughout the day and night and is hardly noticeable under the clothes. You will not be able to bath or shower while the recording equipment is being worn. Some individuals find that the squeezing of the arm when the blood pressure is taken can be disturbing during the night, but most are not affected by this

The device will need to returned at the same time on the following day (unless you are having the test on a Friday, when we will ask you to remove it yourself on the Saturday and return it on the following Monday before 12.OO noon.

The recording is analyzed on the same day as it is returned and the result is available within 24 hours.


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